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Peace of Mind


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Recent media reports on child abductions have increased and it’s now more difficult to just trust anyone. While our busy lives and traffic do not allow parents to always do school runs, a trusted transporter is a welcome substitute. Though the trusted transporter is a welcome relief, the mind does not rest till it is certain that the child has arrived either at school or at home.

By downloading the application to your mobile device you can track the bus and get notifications, it allows to follow real-time bus movements along the route and inform parents when the bus arrives at school or home. When the bus approaches any of the pick up areas nearest to a child’s home address or school, the parent receives a message about the bus coming. This way children don’t need to waste any extra time waiting at pick up point, sometimes in the harsh sun, rainy and/or cold day. This makes the process of sending children to and from school time-efficient. Furthermore, it also helps parents to feel more confident about their children’s safety.