School BuS APP

About Us

School Bus App is all in one program that asks pertinent questions, just as any parent would ask;

  • What is the safety of my child from home to school and school to home?
  • How do I know the pick-up has been done and the drop off concluded successfully?
  • Can I track the movement of my child and their where about at any given time?


Look no further! School Bus App is a game changing program that is an all in one location based solution designed for parents who want to know when their children's school bus has picked up and dropped off their children from home and school. Our user friendly App solution allows for a real time interaction between parents and school transport service providers.  Parents receive notifications and SMS once the bus approaches their home and/or school. Part of its functionality allows communication directly with the Bus Driver to give instruction on delivery schedules to school or already fetched from school. All this housed in a mobile phone application, sends parents information tracking children in real time, giving parents a peace of mind and a sense of security for their children.


To get started, contact us on 072 541 1362 (Whatsapp welccome)